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Baby Care Nursing Pillow Hold

Baby Care Nursing Pillow Hold

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1. Ergonomic design cares for the baby's cervical spine
Multifunctional breastfeeding support for newborns, ergonomic design that fits the curve of the back, cares for the baby’s soft cervical spine
2. Widened arc design on the back
Intimately widened by 30mm, the back line is more suitable for the baby's body, just for the baby to lie down and sit more pleasantly
3. Uniform force on the head ring
The phanpy breastfeeding hug head ring design, no pressure, the baby breathes smoothly, the head and neck are comfortable, safe and not crying
4. Prevent vomiting and overflowing of milk
Free-style adjustable "angle, reduce baby spitting up, make feeding easy
5. Intimate safety buckle design
Select cotton webbing from more than 100 kinds of webbing, just to give the baby a softer touch, to the choice of safety buckle, choose adjustable frosted high-strength buckle, just to give the baby a lot of protection
Product information:
Fabric: velvet/terry cloth
Size: 42*21*21CM
Weight: 0.64KG
Packing: color carton
Applicable age 0-8 months
Baby weight Under 13Kg
Color: green Pink
A: Bamboo fiber
Packing list:
Baby Hug x1

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